Tree Pruning

The primary goal of tree pruning is to restore and revitalize your beloved trees’ aesthetics, health, and shape. With that in mind, it is of utmost importance that you choose a company with expertise in tree pruning. While many landscaping and arborist services company advertise their pruning services, very few companies are experts in the field.

Remedy Tree removal Service has staffed a team of well-trained, experienced, and certified tree climbers and arborists. Importantly, they have the knowledge needed to prune the different species of trees that dot the landscape in California.

While an expert hand will yield the best experience, there instances you could prune the tree as a DIY project. For instance, you can prune or trim smaller trees and shrubs if you have the necessary knowledge.

Conversely, pruning and trimming larger trees should preserve an arborist company like Remedy Tree Removal Service. Not only do we have decades of hands-on experience, but we also have the latest and greatest safety equipment and tools to make quick work of any pruning work. Furthermore, we are always practicing and improving our safety procedures to minimize the risk of liabilities.

Why You Should Tree Pruning

Pruning can have drastic changes to the tree’s growth pattern. As such, we are careful and very deliberate in where we choose to make each cut. Moreover, we recommend tree pruning for certain specific reasons:

#1. Removing dead branches
#2. To increase air and light penetration into the tree’s crown
#3. To remove rubbing or crowded

There is a fine line between thinning out a tree too much or too little. It is important to note that many trees store their energy reserve inside the foliage. If you prune a tree too much, it might have adverse effects on the tree’s health and ability to grow. With this in mind, we take a cautious approach and apply minimal pruning to help the tree attain a good shape.

The Tree Pruning Techniques We Use

We use several pruning techniques, which we combine to add a touch of beauty and help improve the natural shape of the tree and its health.

#1. Cleaning: With this method, we remove diseased, dead, broken, or dying branches.

#2. Thinning: Thinning is performed to increase light and air penetration into the crown, reduce the weight load of larger branches, and improve the tree’s overall shape.

#3. Raising: Raising is done to enhance the clearance a tree provides, especially for trees adjacent to the walkway, sidewalks, and driveways. By removing the branches or entire trees will less-than-ideal clearance, we enhance the safety of walkway or driveway users.

#4. Reduction: This pruning method is used to remove branches that intersect with power lines. Moreover, reduction helps the tree maintain structural and form integrity.

While emergency might necessitate pruning any time of the year, an ideal time to prune is right after winter and before spring. Trimming pre- winter and during winter might leave the tree susceptible to diseases.

Trimming the tree at an appropriate time ensures your tree stays healthy and experiences robust development throughout its life. Moreover, you might take an artistic approach to the pruning process by removing deadwood, thereby imparting beauty to your tree.

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