Palm Tree Service

Palm trees are enduring an icon of Berkeley, CA. lifestyle and architecture. However, these beautiful trees will lose their curb appeal without proper care and maintenance and turn into a glaring eyesore. At Remedy Tree Removal Service, we are experienced with skinning, trimming, and removal of palm trees.

Remedy Tree removal Service provides highly affordable palm tree removal and trimming services in all of Berkeley and its surrounding towns.

The Why

Ordinary deciduous trees tend to grow back to their stunning self during spring. On the other hand, evergreens such as cypress and pine hardly change appearance over the year. Palm tree, however, as the palm tree grows, the old fronds remain. They take away some of the curb appeal; they are also a fire hazard and pose a risk to accidents. Businesses and homeowners are likely to be held liable for damages caused by heavy fronds falling on pedestrians and vehicles.

Our skimming and trimming services help eliminate dying and dead fronds to restore the beauty of the trees and improve safety. At Remedy Tree removal Service, we are an experienced team arborist who understands the risk involved and the experience to restore the health and safety of the plant.

The When

Berkeley does not have clear seasons. As such, we can perform skinning and trimming any time of the year, although it is best performed before seeds start to grow. The seed takes up a lot of nutrients and causes fronds to die and palm trees to lose their vibrancy. Fallen seeds can become a nuisance by causing the surface to be slippery and strain walkways. Trimming helps property owners avoid this altogether.

The How

The movement of water in palms is similar to grass to other trees. This is an important consideration to understand to take proper care of the palm trees.

Our tree care specialists are experienced, trained, and equipped to handle palm tree care without compromising safety. After consulting the property owner, we will determine goals, needs, and priorities. Additionally, tree inspections help up determine the proper service for your trees. While the cost will vary depending on the tree’s height, regular trimming will help keep the cots low.

Palm Tree Trimming

As is the case with all other trees, palm trees need regular maintenance for the best health and appearance. With our tree trimming services, we will remove dead fronds and seeds. Trimming can remove as much as 90% of aging fronds, leaving 2 to 3. It also can help the palm trees to attain better structure and appear fuller, depending on what you want.

Aside from the aesthetics, trimming also eliminates accidents and fire hazards and averts the danger of the palm tree being too top-heavy. Moreover, the tree will access air and sunlight, ensuring it grows healthier. Trimming reduces places where insects and rodents can hide.

Palm Tree Skinning

Also called skimming, skinning gets rid of the rough ‘skin’ left by years of trimming. Careful removal of the webbing of skin protects the soft inner trunk tissue from damage. As such, skimming helps restore the smooth, even texture of palm trees.

Palm Tree Removal

Palm tree removal is a tad more straightforward than other types of trees, albeit it’s still hazardous. We take special precautions to protect utility lines, buildings, our team, and everyone around the worksite.

It’s important to note that stump removal is an additional task that attracts a charge of its own. Additionally, when providing an estimate, we include a need to roping down if necessary to clear nearby lines and buildings and the haul-mileage cost.

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