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At Remedy Tree Removal Service, we have respect for trees at heart. Our specialized training in arboriculture-pruning allows us to help you keep your trees healthy, as long as possible. It is for this reason, between other, that we do not use spurs during pruning and that we do not recommend topping because these practices damage your trees. Our advice is adapted to your needs and goes through an in-depth analysis that allows us to offer personalized service.

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Other services;

The felling of a tree

When felling is necessary, it is important to call in specialists who have the skills and equipment necessary to perform this job safely and efficiently. In addition, the latter have liability insurance in the event of damage. There are two methods of felling: by the foot (directly to the ground) or by section (by controlling the descent using cables and pulleys).


Pruning is the removal of dead, diseased, harmful, and weak branches taking into account the characteristic shape of the tree. There are several types of pruning, including thinning, restructuring, lifting, and clearing structures. The choice of the type of pruning depends on the needs of each tree and its location. This practice should be done without spurs so as not to injure the tree.

Stump removal

“A stump constitutes the lower part of a tree trunk, located below the crown and from which the root system begins”.

The decision to eliminate a stump can therefore come when you cut down a tree for any reason (dead tree, sick or just annoying). Using a chainsaw to achieve this results in you having to cut the tree at trunk level but still above ground level so as not to damage the machine.

Once the operation is finished, there remains this famous stump which has nothing fundamentally aesthetic, especially if you had considered re-grassing the area or simply replanting it.

The stump grinder shreds stumps into chips, down to a depth of 15 cm to 30 cm below ground level, without damaging a large area of ​​lawn. This allows the terrain to be brought up to the level.

Branch removal

If the damaged branch cannot be removed (due to the shape or structure), guying should be used. This technique consists of using a metal cable, which is installed between two branches, to solidify the tree at the level of its weakness.

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