Cabling and Bracing

You might have favorite trees that appear frail and ready for removal to prevent damage to structures. However, not all hope is lost. You could be able to save a mature tree by providing additional structural support through bracing and cabling. These are two of the most common support techniques used to save trees.

The skilled and experienced tree care professionals at Remedy Tree Removal Service are experts in tree cabling and bracing in Berkeley, CA. Crucially, they are certified to carry out these tasks. We will evaluate and determine the best course of action to support and save your tree for continued growth,

What Is Tree Bracing And Cabling?

Tree bracing and cabling are two common and effective techniques used to provide additional support to mature trees that have grown to attain an unstable stance that isn’t safe for the tree’s long-term health. Bracing and cabling support and reinforce critical areas of the tree structure by limiting the overall movements of branches.

Our certified arborists install steel cables into the tree’s trunk and secure them in the upper crown with heavy bolts. In the case of bracing, bracing rods are placed between branches to provide support to the tree’s structure. Tree bracing and cabling prevent movements and support continued growth occasioned by high winds and rainstorms.

What Weakens Structural Support Issues?

Trees can grow unsafely for various reasons, including:

#1. Species Characteristics – Tree species that tend to grow more than one codominant stems tend to have structural issues. Codominant stems are often weak compared to a single tree stem connected to the stem. You can avoid these issues by planting trees with better natural structures.

#2. Location – Tress that grow in awkward spots such as near structures or trees growing near each other can cause support issues for the trees owing to uneven growth.

#3. Poor Tree Care – Trees that have grown without being pruned or improper pruning can develop structural stability issues. Trees with poor shape can overextend their structure owing to heavy branches. 

Tree Bracing & Cabling Vs. Tree Removal

In some cases, it is impossible to save every tree. However, many times bracing and cabling can correct the structural issues. Three common cases where cabling and bracing are appropriate to use include:

#1. Preventing branch or tree failure – You can prevent future failures of trees with V-crotches – large codominant stems – by bracing and cabling.

#2. Tree restoration after storms – High winds or storms can cause trees to lose the leading branch. Bracing and cabling can help support the other lead branches that were left exposed.

#3. Hazards removal – Mature trees with multiple stems that loom over structures create potential hazards for structures and people around the tree. Bracing and cabling reduce the danger posed by the branches.

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