Stump Grinding And Removal

As core service in our catalog, Remedy Tree Removal Service, we can remove any stump around your yard, whether small or large. We have cutting-edge industrial equipment necessary for removing stumps, even in those hard-to-reach corners in your property.

Removing tree stumps, that part of the tree left stubbing into the ground after cutting a tree, is important. Some of the reasons for stump removal include:

Reasons for Stump Removal:

#1. Stumps harm landscape aesthetics
#2. They are safety hazards
#3. Stumps provide fertile habitats for termites to form colonies
#4. The stump’s roots could continue to grow, affecting the walkway or driveway
#5. Stumps beneath the soil might affect plumbing
#6. Stump removal might be necessary to pave the way for new construction

Our Stump Removal Process

Removing a stump from a recently cut tree is relatively easier. Using our industrial stump grinder, we work to remove the stump in its entirety. A stump grinder is a machine that shaves and burrows into the woodturning the entire stump into wood chips. Our professional and friendly staff will make quick work of any stump.

Our Stump Grinding Service Policies

• Our estimates do not include stump grinding backfill into the hole. Unless explicitly states, our estimates also do not include root grinding. The estimate we typically provide includes mechanically grinding the stump up to four to six inches below the ground level.

• The customer is responsible for removing all items from the area we’ll be cutting down trees. Consequently, we will not hold liable for any damages to items left in the work area (e.g., chairs, patio tables, toys, movable bricks, stepping stones, etc.).

• We will not be liable for damages incurred to underground installations such as cesspools, sprinkler systems, etc.

• The client is responsible for seeking and getting the neighbors’ permission to trim their trees.

• Changing the yard in any way after we provide the estimate can change the price (for instance, changes in fencing and sheds).

There are two options for dealing stamps from your property; you either pound the stump or remove it. However, stump grinding is more useful as it minimizes the chances of tree re-growing on the stump. It is especially useful when done by professionals.

Stump grinding should be done, especially when the stump has deep-running roots around your property. Additionally, stump removal negates insect infestation, which prevents undesirable insect-induced modifications to your landscape. Trees with fairly shallow roots are easier to remove the stump. They tend to have a fairly dense, shallow root ball that makes stump removal straightforward.

We specialize in stump removal and grinding in Berkeley, California area. We are happy to give a free quote for your stump project. We consider the type of root system the tree has, ensuring we provide our clients with an accurate and fair quote that’s bespoke to their project. As professionals, arborists, we endeavor to keep our team, individuals, and the property around the work area safe and secure.

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