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Remedy Tree Removal Service offers various arboriculture services, such as tree pruning and pruning in Albany, Kensington, and El Cerrito. The company also has extensive expertise in specialized felling, tree planting, and firewood. Contact us for a free estimate.

When we do arboriculture work for our residential, commercial, or industrial clients, we take the time necessary to do the right thing and respond to your requirements. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you smile when the job is done.

Tailor-made services

A dead branch threatening to damage the roof of your house? Do you want to clear your backyard, have the sun in the pool? A huge strain making it difficult for you? For any service related to the maintenance, felling, or planting of trees, it is better to leave it to the experts. All our services are carried out with great concern for the safety of people and buildings (material goods), using specialized equipment operated by professionals.

Salvaged firewood

For the sake of the environment, we recover felled trees after our work to make firewood delivered throughout our territory. After careful sorting, we make logs that can keep you warm all winter.

Other services;

Pruning – healthy and natural growth

Pruning aims to prune a tree by removing weak, broken, diseased, or dead branches, as well as any that pose a risk to the safety or integrity of a building. The techniques we use as pruners not only respect the natural growth of the tree but also allow it to develop healthily. Doing business with a professional pruner is essential in order to avoid cuts that could make the tree sick.

Pruning – a perfect cut for alignment shafts

By removing the crown or side branches of the tree, the arborist can promote foliage growth. This cutting technique does not respect the structure of the tree but offers other benefits, such as hardening the trunk into strong lumber or creating a hedge or alignment.

Logging, stump removal, and deforestation – safety above all else

In some cases it may be necessary to fell a tree, for example if it is sick or threatening to fall. It is important to protect people’s lives and the surrounding material goods. By doing so, we eliminate the risks as much as possible, which is why it is best to contact an arboriculture specialist. Felling can also optimize the growth of neighboring trees, such as in an urban forest. Undertaking this task yourself could be dangerous. This is why it is always better to contact a specialist in arboriculture.

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