10 Trees That Require Too Much Care

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We love trees, for their beauty, shade, and the privacy they bring to our yards. However, there are several trees that are more troublesome than what they are worth. Although they can bring the beauty you want in your yard, they require more maintenance and care before that. You do not need to spend too much time in your yard taking care of trees. There are several other tree species that require very little maintenance that you should go for. So why choose these trees that need most of your time? If you are planning to plant trees soon, keep an eye on these 10 trees that require too much care and avoid them if possible.

Trees require too much care

Silver Maple

The silver maple is so popular across the midwest for their shade and fast growth. However, their fast growth comes with more negative impacts. The branches break easily and the shallow roots cause the sidewalks to crack and can also break the sewer system.


Willow requires a lot of water, a reason why its strong and aggressive roots break sewer lines and pavements searching for water. This tree species is also prone to diseases and pests.


The ever towering tree, about 10 feet per year, taking its roots deep underground will need more attention than it is worth. Eucalyptus needs constant pruning to control its growth. If you leave them without care, the branches may become heavy and break at any time without sending an alarm.

Bradford Pear

The Bradford pear produces uncountable thorny seedlings that can fill and ruin your yard. During windstorms, you could sense its flowers smelling like fish. Probably you don’t want your yard to be known for such features.

Norway Maple

You may want to choose to plant the Norway maple because it can grow in different weathers and soil, turning your yard beautiful and attractive with its subtle appearance. But the beauty comes at a cost you do not wish to incur. They have shallow roots that keep on winding on their trunk that needs constant care to avoid strangling itself. The shallow roots also make it easy for the three to tip over.


Most people prefer growing cottonwood when they want to get shade quickly in their yard. However, despite growing fast to offer the shade, the cottonwood has shallow roots that make them a victim of rough weather. Their branches are also weak and break easily. Worst, they are highly affected by pests and diseases, dropping leaves everywhere in the yard.


The basswood trees get infected with aphids every summer, secreting sticky sap which covers the ground beneath the tree. When this tree is along your walkway, it could make it dirty with the sap that is hard to remove.

Sweet Gum

Producing a vibrant shade of scarlet every fall, you may be tempted to go for this beautiful species. However, the sweet gum produces sharp spikes that fall on the ground and could injure you and the pets.


Many magnolia trees grow too big and can easily overpower an average yard. They also shade leaves throughout the year, turning your yard messy and dirty if you do not conduct proper maintenance.


Known for making the yard messy by dropping its leaves, bark, and seedpods, the sycamore is not a good choice if you want to keep your yard tidy.

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