What to do if a tree damages your property?

There is nothing pleasant about a tree falling on your property. In fact, sometimes the situation can cause a lot of worry. We understand. That’s why we’ve put together a list of helpful tips for dealing with the situation.

Think safety first

  • If someone is injured, contact emergency services.
  • If power lines are damaged or there are electrical hazards, contact the utility company as soon as possible.
  • If you smell gas, evacuate immediately. When you are at a safe distance from the house, contact your gas supplier to check for a leak.

When you’re safe …

  • Use the services of a trusted contractor to verify damage to your home, do a safety inspection, and list potential repairs. We suggest doing this when there is no obvious major damage to the home or other structures on the property.
  • Remove the remaining parts of the damaged tree, if any, and cut down any tree (or tree part) that is unsafe. You or the service you use to fell the tree may need a permit; so it is best to make sure everything is in order before you start.
  • Protect yourself and those around you by stabilizing or removing any loose or loose objects.
  • Protect your home and valuables from inclement weather by putting up a tarp or covering broken windows or other exposed parts of your home.
  • Stabilize broken fences on your property, if applicable, to limit your vulnerability to intruders.
  • For your peace of mind, we suggest taking pictures of the damaged area (only if it is safe to do so); This will provide you with visual elements if needed in the context of your insurance claim.

Prevent problems

Although a tree fall on your property may seem accidental, it is possible to reduce the risk of such an incident by taking the following measures:

  • Take care of your trees. For more difficult maintenance tasks, consider hiring an arborist.
  • Pay attention to the warning signs. Small things like a leaning trunk, cracks at the base of the tree, or broken branches resting on healthy parts can indicate the presence of a hazard.
  • Get advice from an arborist regarding the condition of a potentially dying or dangerous tree.
  • If you are concerned about the condition of your neighbors’ trees, discuss it with them. If a neighbor refuses to fix the problem, send a follow-up communication in writing and keep copies in case you need to refer to it later.

Maintaining a mature garden is the constant work that requires attention and effort. It is also a job that requires making choices in order to best care for your trees. It is therefore sometimes necessary to cut down a tree, for various reasons: it is sick, it hinders the growth of other trees, it disturbs the neighborhood or even poses a danger to power lines.

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What to do if a tree damages your property?
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